OXYOL’s roots grew as a result of its founders carrying out commercial research into cleaner energy solutions and the implications for fossil fuels. Some early conclusions included:

  • Fossil fuels will remain the dominant (by volume) energy source for several decades to come as consumption efficiency gains and the emergence of alternative energy sources are offset by forecast global economic growth.
  • Over time, the supply /demand balance is more likely to increase fossil fuel prices in real terms.
  • Climate change awareness will drive regulatory led change which, by its nature, will put pressure on many companies to address their energy consumption and emissions as a ‘follower’ rather than a ‘leader’, with the operating and financial pressures that this brings.
  • Environmental awareness and a pro-active approach to energy and emissions consumption can lead to sustainable Corporate advantage.

In late 2005, the founders established OXYOL and set out to create a cleaner energy solutions company. Key to OXYOL's early focus was the identification of fossil fuel solutions that offered immediate commercial payback as opposed to the usual 'cost of compliance'. Our research took OXYOL to the U.S., where the opportunity for the O-ACES product range was identified, offering solutions for today and tomorrow and met the payback criteria.

Previously only available in the U.S. and latterly in China, OXYOL has brought the O-ACES range to Europe for the first time in late 2006 and it is now undergoing Proof of Benefit programmes across a range of industry applications.

In addition, OXYOL has established a research partnership with the University of Bath led by their Mechanical Engineering Department (with the support from The Chemistry Department) in alternative fuel research as well as specific product development and evaluation projects.

OXYOL’s senior investor is Tudor Group (www.tudorfunds.com), a $15bn investment corporation.