OXYOL is a cleaner energy solutions company, dedicated to identifying and commercialising fuel solutions that offer immediate commercial payback.

OXYOL's first range of products were developed in the US and are the O-ACES range of multi-function fuel catalysts. These liquid additives solve a range of problems with fossil and renewable fuels, resulting in improved fuel consumption and increased engine life.

O-ACES fuel catalysts are having an unprecedented impact on the way commercial consumers of fossil fuels look at their energy requirements.

Initially only available to the US Military, the O-ACES range was launched commercially in the USA in 2002, since when it has reduced fuel and oil consumption, lowered maintenance costs, extended engine life and helped achieve emissions targets across all the major industrial sectors.

Available as immediately self-mixing liquids for use in diesel and petrol engines, the catalysts offer a significant advance in terms of multi-function benefits and performance levels versus other existing additives and catalysts. Whatever the type of fuel or oil being used, O-ACES catalysts provide a complete fuel management solution addressing ALL the issues from storage to combustion.

The statistical evidence is compelling, and there is no reason why the
O-ACES range will not produce measurable benefits immediately for you too.


OXYOL is passionate about developing clean energy solutions that not only enable businesses to comply with emissions legislation but also offer proven commercial payback. If you would like to know more about OXYOL, please click here